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PMSG is a group of incredibly passionate members of the Lowcountry community coming together to support our Charleston area Military Family. We don’t do this alone though. PMSG members help us provide the support and service for our service members, whether active duty, reserve, or civilian, in the Lowcountry. The truth is that our mission would be impossible without the members in our 100% volunteer organization.

Whether you’ve had a military member in the family before, been one yourself, known one as a friend, or never really had much contact, you can be a PMSG member and help us provide support and service to those who give up so much for us. Learn more about membership in PMSG below.

PMSG Membership Details

PMSG memberships are valid for one year and can be obtained by individuals or companies/organizations.

Our membership options are as follows:



Small Business






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PMSG Membership Benefits

  • Increase military community service contribution and economic impact (est. $8 billion annually) awareness and understanding.
  • Attract a robust civilian volunteer force for Joint Base Charleston events.
  • Bring together more often and in greater numbers our civilian and military communities.
  • Allow more civilians to visit military bases, see installations, aircrafts, ships and operations.
  • Foster closer ties with military personnel and allow military members to interact with civilians and learn more about the Charleston community.
  • Increase safety from future BRAC’s and positioning Charleston as an ideal location for existing command realignment.

If you’re interested in membership, please fill out the form below, or send your membership application/payment to:
Palmetto Military Support Group
PO Box 60788
N. Charleston, SC 29419

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